European Parental
Alienation Practice
Logo design Adobe Illustrator & Figma — 2022
European Parental Alienation Practice (EPAP) is a collaboration between Parental Alienation Europe and the Institute of Family Therapy - Malta to contribute to Parental Alienation. EPAP’s mission is to be a key player in the dissemination of best practices and research through the first ever European-accredited training course in Parental Alienation Studies and its publication, the European Journal of Parental Alienation Practice.

The design for this logo was based on two points that were, in turn, the main challenges to overcome.

Firstly, the logo has to to visually distill the complex issue that is Parental Alienation into a concise and memorable design.

Secondly, as EPAP operates in both the fields of psychology and law, the design has to communicate academic rigour as well as professional credibility.

The only operating context given for this brand was that of a journal publicaiton, for which a secondary logo was designed. Additionally, due to this lack of context for how and where EPAP will operate, only traditional mock-ups were produced.